North America


What an amazing way to experience its colourful history, great cities and vibrant culture. 
There’s so much to see and do in this vast continent and a cruise offers the perfect way to explore them all. Cruise down the Eastern seaboard from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the grand Niagara Falls, through the New England states of warm summers and magnificent fall foliage, via friendly and historical Boston and the ever-exciting New York city, to Florida’s sultry coastline and larger than life attractions, and strike out into the Canadian Rockies by scenic railroad.
See the rich autumn colours of the New England countryside in fall. Admire the tranquil lakes and lively fishing villages and enjoy the colonial charm, fresh cuisine and friendly locals.
Marvel at Boston’s beautiful 19th century architecture and see its revolutionary sites with a tour along the 2.5 mile Freedom Trail from Boston Common to the USS Constitution.
Alternatively, head to Alaska or Hawaii for the best in nature while San Francisco, L.A, Las Vegas and Seattle offer amazing city stops. North America cruises boast fantastic cruise and stay tours too, such as the Rocky Mountaineer railroad in Alaska and tours of the national monuments and parks of inland USA.
A cruise holiday of a lifetime, with so many choices please call and speak to the team to help you make the right choice for you. 

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