Asia & Far East


Embark on an extraordinary journey through Asia & the Far East, where the past meets the present, weaving a rich tapestry of history, culture, and allure.

A cruise through the Far East promises an enthralling blend of ancient marvels and contemporary marvels. Explore serene landscapes, ancient temples, and enduring traditions set against modern skylines, vibrant city lights, and upscale shopping districts.

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of the Far East—a region brimming with spiritual depth, environmental splendour, and cultural diversity. A cruise offers the perfect opportunity to discover multiple destinations in one seamless voyage, offering an abundance of unforgettable experiences.

Kickstart your adventure in Singapore, a cosmopolitan metropolis seamlessly blending modernity with tradition. Marvel at towering skyscrapers juxtaposed with colonial landmarks, indulge in gourmet dining, and savor iconic experiences like enjoying a Singapore sling at the legendary Raffles Hotel.

Explore the vibrant landscapes of Thailand, where warm hospitality, spiritual sanctuaries, and delectable cuisine await. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the pristine shores of Koh Phi Phi, Thailand offers endless adventures for every traveller.

Discover Bali, hailed as the Island of the Gods, with its stunning beaches and breathtaking natural vistas. Witness captivating sunsets and immerse yourself in the island’s serene ambiance.

In Cambodia, wander amidst ancient ruins that narrate the country’s illustrious history and cultural heritage. Explore the awe-inspiring Temples of Angkor and embrace the warmth of its people.

Vietnam showcases a diverse landscape, from the terraced rice fields of Sapa to the verdant Mekong Delta. Cruise through Japan, where modern cities seamlessly blend with ancient traditions and natural wonders. Marvel at cherry blossoms in bloom and delve into the historical depths of Hiroshima.

Discover the grandeur of China with immersive tours to iconic landmarks such as the Terracotta Warriors, Panda Conservation Centre, and the majestic Great Wall.

Embark on an Asian cruise to Thailand, Indonesia, or China, and delve into the captivating complexity of this diverse continent. Experience firsthand the wonders of Asia & the Far East on an unforgettable voyage.

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