About Us

At Cruising with Thorne Travel, we proudly serve as an extension of the multi-award-winning independent travel agency, Thorne Travel.

With a plethora of captivating cruises to explore, we curate the finest cruise deals, promotions, and exclusive offers from beloved cruise lines. Select from an array of enticing options, including complimentary upgrades, onboard spending credits, novel itineraries, and distinctive packages, all expertly assembled by our esteemed team of award-winning professionals.

As a collective, we are dedicated to igniting your wanderlust with our firsthand knowledge and global experience. With unparalleled expertise and an unwavering passion for cruising, our team crafts tailor-made packages to suit your preferences, ensuring unforgettable memories that will endure a lifetime.

We take pride in presenting exceptional value offers on an extensive range of cruises, many of which feature added perks such as complimentary onboard spending money, parking, beverage packages, and more. Whether you seek a spontaneous last-minute cruise getaway or the optimal value for your next year’s holiday, our seasoned cruise consultants stand ready to craft a personalized package tailored to your desires.

Embark on your sailing journey by perusing our website, the perfect starting point for igniting your sailing inspiration.