United Arab Emirates


There is no shortage of reasons why you should visit the United Arab Emirates This small country, located on the Persian Gulf is home to some of the most incredible buildings in the world – including the tallest! With an impressive mix of luxury and tradition to the unique Palm Jumeirah which is a artificial archipelagos in Dubai. It was designed and created using land reclamation which extends into the Persian Gulf and from the sky resembles a palm tree. Why not pay a visit to Jordan where you can experience authentic, ancient Bedouin life, or make a stop in the cosmopolitan city of Fujairah for some scuba diving, or even take a hike in the surrounding mountains. 
Dubai is populated by some of the most impressive buildings on the planet, none more so than the Burj Khalifa. Within the Burj Khalifa park, you’ll find the incredible Dubai Fountain. This sensational water feature shoots water almost 500 feet into the air in a spectacular music and light show with the city skyline as a perfect backdrop.  The grand ‘Vertical City’ of Dubai rises gracefully to a height of 828 metres. The Burj Khalifa has it all – extraordinary feat of engineering, beautiful artful design, and meticulous craftsmanship.
For more water adventures, Dolphin Bay is one of the largest dolphin habitats in the world. Learn about and interact with these incredible creatures with a variety of interactions available from all ages. Children can stand in the shallow water of the lagoon while more ambitious swimmers can scuba dive and even dance with these Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins.
See the untamed world of the Emirates with a Desert Safari. Take a 4×4 journey through the sands to discover the joys of driving over the dunes. Arrive at the camp and enjoy a range of activities from sandboarding to riding camels. The tour ends with a barbecue dinner accompanied by a traditional belly dancer for entertainment.
Famous for its eco art and of course sporting events, Abu Dhabi has come a long way since its humble village beginnings and is fast becoming one of the hottest most cultural places to visit. Many Grand Prix cities are well-known for their luxurious settings, but when it comes to glitz and glamour, Abu Dhabi surely takes pole position. Whether you crave the intense G-force of world-class rollercoasters, want to go-kart race with your family or challenge the best lap times in a state-of-the-art simulator – have endless fun for everyone with a stop at  Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi!
A visit to the  fascinating souks of Muscat  or the pristine sandy beaches in Safaga to the colossal mountains of Fujairah, in the Middle East there’s so much to see and do.

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