The reasons for travelling through Europe are endless. An abundance of unique history, culture and stunning natural beauty is just the start! Unique cuisine and the blend of 50 states allows for unique exploration – no two places are the same!
With awe-inspiring palaces, breath-taking art, buried roman cities and sun-kissed beaches – the Mediterranean will delight and enchant, leaving you wanting more! Discover popular tourist destinations in Italy,  with a must see Rome known as the ‘Eternal City’, Rome’s stunning architecture and glorious monuments and colossal remains will truly take you back in time. Possibly more than anywhere else in the world, Rome is a true mix of old and new. 
Discover the dynamic culture and compelling history of Portugal and Spain with a trip down Europe’s Atlantic Coast. Visit the vibrant capital city of Barcelona leading the way in cutting edge cuisine, an inviting climate, historic architecture & inspiring museums, a multitude of beaches and excellent shopping. 
Towards the North there’s more to discover with a journey towards the Arctic. Norway offers the wonder of the fjords while a cruise to the Baltic Sea opens a gateway to history with destinations including Copenhagen, Helsinki, St Petersburg and Stockholm. Iceland’s summers are surprisingly warm, with days lengthening until midsummer, when the sun dips down to the horizon but never sets.  Norway cruises showcase  the breath taking beauty of the steep cliffs, crashing waterfalls and snow-capped mountains. There are plenty of cultural features to enthral and entertain you as you explore the charms of Scandinavia.
A cruise around the British Isles visits the great cities of the UK as well as the hidden treasures found within the islands of Scotland from the Hebrides up to Orkney. Discover the charms of Ireland with an excursion to Dublin and enjoy the rich cultural gems offered by this capital city. The Channel Islands mix English and French culture. The towns on Jersey and Guernsey are welcoming and retain the feel of a bygone age. The rich heritage and picturesque island views are complemented by a warm climate. With so many short cruises available you can have a few nights away as well as longer durations.
This is such a diverse area we have a cruise to suit everyone from the sole traveller, families and groups.
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